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Alliance Française de Grosse Pointe

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Chers members de AF Grosse pointe,

I hope you enjoyed the holiday season with your loved ones! It has been a busy month for me, with family celebration and upcoming wedding preparations for our son. But our Alliance chapter is never far from my thoughts, and I know the same goes for our board of directors. We were treated to a wonderful Fête de Noël with great attendance! The festive environment and decorations, the yummy raclette and accompaniments, and the wine and singing shared between members, all made for a memorable evening. Check the pictures posted in the photo gallery on our website when you have a minute and see if you can spot yourself or your friends. 

As we enter 2023, I want to thank all members who volunteer their time and resources so that our chapter keep thriving and growing. 

I would also like to wish you all a healthy and joyous year, full of wonder and discovery. Never stop learning, never stop growing, for it is the antidote to aging. 

Our season continues with new class sessions and different cultural programs and opportunities. So, we hope you join us on our growing journey!


Amal Elhosni


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